Amplifying Public Health

Amplifying Public Health

We connect people, health agencies, and employers to reduce risk and keep our world running.

Contakt World combines tried-and-true processes with cutting-edge technology and innovation to improve community health and equity. To learn about our health screening, contact tracing, low-cost testing, vaccine administration, and community engagement – check out “What We Do”and “Who We Serve”.

Our innovative tools are designed to reach people where they are.

Learn how it works in this simple video.

Make the most of your time. And resources.

You’ve got 1,000 priorities. And it feels like you have zero resources. Let’s change that. Let’s build trust in public health systems, carry the narrative and modernize your agency with a commitment to total health equity. Testing, contact tracing, vaccination and community engagement are all parts of your ecosystem.

Each builds on the other – so we build solutions that help your total system, and protect from failure.

We have the experience to understand your challenges, and offer custom combos of services and techonlogies that modernize your health agency and produce results.

For community. For everyone.

As if the stress of COVID-19 wasn’t enough, our healthcare system suffers from the strain of systemic inequality. This doesn’t – we all pay the price for poor public health infrastructure. Contakt World seeks ways to improve health in communities by reaching people “where they are” – this means contact tracing that is accessible to all.

We’re not just using cell phones. We’re moving communities, with engagement and advertising solutions that speak to people with cultural humility.

With testing you can afford and tools to help employers keep you safe, we can get kids back to school and people back to their lives.

For high-risk entities. Like your business.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to your employees to keep them safe. As a business, you have a responsibility to keep the lights on, and keep those people employed.

We provide an end-to-end solution for managing infection risk within your company – for staff, employees and visitors.

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Reading, writing and disease response.

Contakt World provides an end – to – end solution for managing infection risk for your teachers, staff, students, and visitors. Your school may also qualify to use stimulus funds to pay for 100% of our solution.

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To protect people and patients.

Contakt World provides an end -to-end solution for managing infection risk for your staff, physicians, patients, and visitors. Your healthcare system may also qualify to use stimulus funds to pay for 100% of our solution.

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Solutions for any size business.

(Contakt World’s health screening solution for small business is coming soon.)

Learn about our simple, yet powerful features.

Wireless technologies used: Bluetooth®, Cellular and WiFi

Centralized, but private and secure storage system for contacts

Minimally invasive

Site based solutions: 65+ Rated Indoor/Outdoor IOT Devices

Speed to reach possible inf. chains: Fast, to 3-Layers of Spread, by Risk

Fully transparent to residents/agencies

Approach to tracing targeted towards health professionals and consumers

Interoperability of disparate data: infinite potential

 Maximum reach to vulnerable populations

”Sentinels” in high-risk communities: 3 to 5 per community + volunteers

Projected case counts over time: down