Together We Can Stop The Spread

Together We Can Stop The Spread

We overcome technology and trust barriers inherent to other forms of contact tracing

Contakt World allows health agencies to reach individuals, businesses, and institutions in their community directly – without breaches of trust or data.

Our innovative tools are designed to reach people where they are.

Learn how it works in this simple video.

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For Governments

There are 3,100+ local health departments across the U.S. -$25 billion in federal subsidies to support broader COVID testing, including $11 billion allocated to states, can be deployed for contact tracing efforts as well as must be spent or returned back to the federal government.

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For Health Agencies

Augment your hard work with innovative technology that can extend the reach and enhance the efficiency of overburdened public health agencies—without the associated administrative burden. Spend less time on paperwork/data entry and more time doing important hands-on work.

For Community

Empower individuals to represent their own concerns as well as those of their communities. Translate trust into lasting relationships with solutions that consider people’s needs rather than relying on a top-down or one-size-fits-all approach that was developed in another community.

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For High-Risk Entities

-Meet and exceed the core needs for digital contact tracing, as defined by the CDC
-Proactively manage risk and respond quickly when the need arises – with smart tools and easy scalability
-Protect privacy for users and your organization
-Reduce risk and increase your ability to overcome technology and trust barriers

Compare our simple, yet powerful features.

Learn about our simple, yet powerful features.

Wireless technologies used: Bluetooth®, Cellular and WiFi

Centralized, but private and secure storage system for contacts

Minimally invasive

Site based solutions: 65+ Rated Indoor/Outdoor IOT Devices

Speed to reach possible inf. chains: Fast, to 3-Layers of Spread, by Risk

Fully transparent to residents/agencies

Approach to tracing targeted towards health professionals and consumers

Interoperability of disparate data: infinite potential

 Maximum reach to vulnerable populations

”Sentinels” in high-risk communities: 3 to 5 per community + volunteers

Projected case counts over time: down