Tracker’s Contakt appoints Pahwa as CIO


Tracker Ventures Corp.’s Contakt LLC, a technology company modernizing public health and safety, has appointed renowned human-centred design expert Deepti Pahwa as chief innovation officer to drive forward the continuous development of the company’s revolutionary contact tracing technology platform.

Ms. Pahwa is a well-regarded alumnus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) LEAD program, where she received three intellectual contribution peer-nominated awards. She is also an executive coach/CF for Stanford GSB LEAD Corporate Innovation program for global executives. She excels in human-centred innovation that converts to innovation at the level of product, platform, organizations and people-centric brand engagements. Ms. Pahwa brings over 15 years of experience working on product and consumer experience design with leading globalbrands such as Calvin Klein, Swatchgroup, Swarovski and Zalando.

As a core member of the MIT spin-off PathCheck Foundation, Ms. Pahwa has worked with various members of the organization, including the Google-Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) system team. She has been involved with thought leadership and thinktanks for PathCheck and MIT Safepaths. She also has been a widely respected industry voice on topics such as privacy-preserving digital technologies, interoperability of data in public health, embedding of design practices in global health, architecture of trust and consumer experience design in digital solutions, building culture and teams for innovation, and the role of contact tracing and digital health solutions in fighting COVID-19 and more.

“There is an immense opportunity to design human-centric systems, such as Contakt World, in a public health environment,” stated Ms. Pahwa. “Our approach not only empowers people but meets users where they are while being mindful of our role in creating a meaningful experience and not limiting our solutions by the boundaries of where technology can reach.”

“Broad user adoption is the key to success in contact tracing and, to that end, we are pleased to announce the appointment Deepti Pahwa as chief innovation officer, leveraging her unrivaled expertise in human-centred design,” stated Justin Beck, chief executive officer of Contakt World. “We look forward to her input on brand and product strategy, user interface, and the long-term adoption of our technology with ethical design principles. Ms. Pahwa will be a critical part of educating the public and overcoming the trust barrier to scale adoption of our platform while also promoting our core values of humane and ethical surveillance.”