Contakt World Solutions

Enabling the future of health, today.

Contakt World Solutions

Enabling the future of health, today.

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HealthCheck for Business

HealthCheck is trusted by over 1,000 locations to improve safety and reduce liabilities. Industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and real estate find it particularly useful in reducing risk.

HealthCheck for Schools

HealthCheck is trusted by thousands of users, including Atlanta County Public Schools across 91 learning sites, to screen, approve, and protect everyone. Learn more about HealthCheck for schools by scheduling a demo.


engagency is an award-winning, full-service ad agency dedicated to public health and healthcare that delivers the highest ROI for the lowest investment.

Smart Health RM (Core Platform)

Smart Health RM is an award-winning risk and RTLS management system for public health agencies, employers, schools, and healthcare providers.

Smart Chek (Add-On)

Used with Smart Health RM, Smart Chek is a network of wearables and devices that record and analyzes interactions between people and places to assist in risk-reduction or operational efficiencies.

Smart Connekt (Add-On)

Used with Smart Health RM, Smart Connekt is an automated intelligent inbound and outbound communication platform (AI-based) to enhance community engagement powered by Twilio.

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