What Matters To Health Experts Matters To Us

What Matters To Health Experts Matters To Us

An illustration of two doctors in front of an ambulance and hospital

Our Promise

With engagency, your health agency, provider, or insurance company will drastically improve vaccinations, disease outcomes, and trust while reducing other barriers to your messaging goals in hard-to-reach populations through a time-tested process executed by multi-disciplinary experts.

Inspired By Public Health

We cover the full communications and engagement value chain, a powerful leader in the behavior change and human-centered communications, a methodology based on core principles of design, empathy and cultural humility. Don’t hire some random ad agency that works with all industries, choose engagency for public health and healthcare.

We are not a cold list of media and communication services. We believe in emotional communications. What really matters in the end are humans and their needs – and how we overcome their fears.

You’ll appreciate our multi-disciplinary team that is culturally diverse leveraging the brains and empathy of public health, the creative minds of advertising legends, and the scale and efficiency of the largest media company in the US.

You don’t have to choose between high-priced, well-crafted creative communication design, and low-priced, poorly executed ones. engagency provides the best strategy, creative, execution, and analytics with an unwavering commitment to public health and health equity.

Why Work With engagency?

Experts estimate that 90 to 95% of human decisions are shaped at the emotional level. Why not captivate and influence people on their level? engagency will better position your message, by empathizing with people – both users and communities – and emphasizing the emotional design of messages.

Taking cues from behavioral science and neuroscience, engagency excels in overcoming the mental barriers to these messages being adopted. We also form an active part of the fight against misinformation. Strategic communication is the key to a successful health program. Let engagency guide you.

Facts About engagency

  • Only agency to combine public health and health equity values with ad expertise to serve government, providers, pharma, and insurers.
  • Leverages $50M+ in technology investments and experience from $9B in ads processed through industry-leading social marketing.
  • Founders and core team of Contakt World from LGBTQ+, Black, Mexican, Brazilian, Indian, and Bangladeshi communities.
  • Team has executed 1,600+ government contracts with proven capacity to convert “hard-to-reach” audiences for health outcomes.
  • Single source for strategy, creative, through execution and reporting.
  • Academic research into vulnerable populations enhances competency.
  • Small business service partnered with largest media company in the US.
  • Certified API partner across ALL 9 major social platforms, including 1 of only 2 US firms approved for Tik Tok to reach Gen Z and Millennials.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural celebrity, influencer, and experiential teams to suit any campaign and outcome.
  • Over 30 media science and data analytics tools for all assets and mediums.
  • Proprietary optimization and adjustments software for max ROI, including creative fatigue monitoring for social media.

We design communications to be strategic.

We create messages that have staying power.

We believe empathy can bridge the trust gap.

Memorable. Personal. Impactful.

Our communication design and campaigns are more memorable, personal and impactful than facts alone. They follow classic story arcs that work to engage the audience with the purpose of taking action.

Unrivaled Media Reach and Impressions per $

  • 99% Commuter Coverage
  • 6K+ Affiliate Stations
  • 856 Local Stations
  • 160+ Markets
  • 112 Syndicated Properties
  • 150M Podcast Download Per Month
  • 2K Original, On-Demand & Branded Podcasts
  • 2.6B App Downloads & Updates
  • 137M Registered Users
  • 2.6K Live Stations & Custom Radio
  • 960+ Personality & Local Station Sites
  • 215M Social Media Fans
  • 21M Monthly Uniques On YouTube
  • 8M Monthly Uniques On Snapchat Discover
  • 20K Local Market Festivals + 
Concerts Per Year

Experience Matters

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